The Results of the 2010 River Dredging & Beach Nourishment Project

Much faith, effort & money was wagered on a favorable outcome for the Dredging & Beach Nourishment project that commenced in September of 2010. Though it was regarded as a short term solution to Plum Island's erosion woes, most didn't think the term of relief would be so brief.  The River Jetty Breach should have been repaired first, and then the beach nourished with the dredge spoils. With the breach still passing sand to Plum Island Point & the Merrimack River, these dredged materials quickly eroded away. Think of it like trying to fill a bucket of water to the rim - but there is a hole along the side. No matter how much water is added (& in the case of Plum Island, it is sand) one can never keep the bucket full. In the effort to stave erosion, the cart has been placed before the horse. Though Beach nourishment activities can buy homeowners time, they are temporary, very short term, expensive solutions.

"Results of the 2010 River Dredging & Beach Nourishment Project"

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